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What is a Cannabis Consultant?

A Cannabis Consultant plays a pivotal role in helping to set up and maintain vital aspects of operations for those looking to open a cannabis business but lack experience in certain areas. True Cannabis experts know and understand the process from seed to sale and can help you set up, manage, and maintain an efficient and productive cannabis grow operation and business.

M Consulting Experts are Cannabis Consultants that have a core focus on product development, licensing, compliance, manufacturing, distribution, retail and brand strategy, supply chain management, facility design and facility build-out.

What types of services does a Cannabis Consultant provide?

Cannabis Consultants have a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of running a cannabis business. From growing to selling, working with medical or retail, setting up SOPs, and seed to sale tracking. As a cannabis business owner, you will need to have compliance accountability for all of your cannabis products. This starts from the time they are grown  until the time the product is sold on store shelves. A well-run operation is not only successful, but this type of in-depth compliance accountability will help prevent theft and fraud from happening to your cannabis businesses.

Why should you hire a Cannabis Consultant?

Investing in hiring a Cannabis Consultant can help you save money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.  By listening to their advice and employing their methods, business owners can utilize their services to get up and running, to continue maintaining operations, and ultimately see continued growth and success.

M Consulting has a team of experts that specialize in different areas of the cannabis business industry and clients can expect a hands-on approach to helping to make their vision a reality. The team at M Consulting Experts is unique in that we have hands-on experience as operators ourselves, in addition to being cannabis business owners. Therefore, we are able to apply a more “real life” consultancy to any projects we work on.

How do you choose the right cannabis Consultant?

It’s important to know what you need or are looking for to help your company’s specific needs. You’ll want to choose a cannabis consultant that is knowledgeable and experienced in the appropriate field. Not one consultant knows everything about the cannabis industry from start to finish. That is why at M Consulting we have a team composed of several experts, backed with industry experience and expertise that are spread across a vast array of specialties.

How do you start a Cannabis business?

The path to a successful cannabis business is not a smooth and easy one to navigate—it’s full of confusing laws and regulations, steep taxes, local and state compliance barriers and many other unforeseeable roadblocks and hoops to jump through. When you’re just getting started it will surely  be overwhelming. Most people will turn to the internet and spend hours researching to try and decide  what sector of the marijuana industry they want to get into. If you take the time to sit and talk with an experienced Cannabis Consultant, they can help you build a business strategy and focus on your long term goals from the beginning. A Consultant can help guide you through compliance regulations and help you establish timelines to get your new business up and running quickly and efficiently, with as few mistakes and additional costs as possible.

What should I expect when I hire M Consulting Experts?

From the very start, M Consulting Experts will work to build a strong relationship with you that is rooted in trust and guidance. With all of our clients, we provide the most accurate, up-to-date knowledge about the cannabis industry and incorporate our own real-life, hands-on experience into helping our clients set and meet their goals. The end result: our clients are able to achieve their cannabis business goals in a successful manner and as quickly as possible.

What are some important things to consider when deciding whether to build your own cannabis facility or processing lab?

When we get this question the first thing we ask is, “what is your why?” By understanding the motivation and intent to build out a new manufacturing facility it allows us to help guide our clients to select the right facility design, the right floor plan layout, the right equipment and employ the right methods to make desired  products as efficiently as possible . Many times, building your own facility can be much more challenging, costly and time consuming than you can ever imagine, which is why it is extremely important to hire a cannabis consultant that has personally been through the process before. At M Consulting, we will sit with you and talk through your value proposition, efficiencies, costs, and more importantly, competition and strategic differentiation, to help guide you in the most appropriate way to build out your facility.

Can M Consulting Experts help me write a business plan for a cannabis dispensary?

Yes! Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing comprehensive business plans for manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities and dispensaries.

Can a Cannabis Consultant help me become a professional cannabis grower?

Yes, to become a cannabis cultivation professional there are five key steps towards starting your own cultivation business: Planning, License Application, Production and Supply Chain Management, Business Operations, and Opening.

Who can help you start your medicinal cannabis business?

When considering how to start a business in the cannabis industry, it is important to research and understand the risks and eligibility factors. From legal risks, to financial risks, to human capital risks, knowing your local State’s laws and your local city’s laws are always part of the first basic steps to get started.

A Cannabis Consultant can help you identify these laws, develop a business plan, acquire funding, and build a successful medicinal cannabis business operation from the ground up.

How do I know what my Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) need to be in my cannabis manufacturing, processing or distribution facility?

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are documented processes that keep companies compliant, efficient, and profitable. Many cannabis companies neglect to take full advantage of forward-thinking SOPs, leaving their documentation at the bare minimum required by regulators. Not only does this make regulators uneasy, but it also often means that you will end up manufacturing lower quality products with massive inefficiencies. Additionally, you will have trouble keeping up with required compliance burdens, which in turn will hinder you from running a smooth and profitable distribution model. 

If you have yet to establish detailed SOPs, M Consulting Experts can sit down with you and help you create the right documentation needed to maximize your  businesses full potential and keep you from the risk of failing compliance audits.

Why should I use a Cannabis Consultant to help with a manufacturing or processing facility design?

Cannabis manufacturing facility design is extremely complicated, no matter how basic the products are you intend to make. It can often take months just to develop the right mechanical and electrical plans, assuming you have the right team of consultants, architects, engineers and other required professionals guiding you. At M Consulting we have extensive experience when it comes to facility design and facility build-outs, including experience when it comes to building out volatile manufacturing facilities, which are some of the toughest facilities to design from a Fire and Life Safety code standpoint.

How can M Consulting help take my Cannabis product to the next level of development?

M Consulting was founded by two successful cannabis entrepreneurs, business owners and operators who have personally helped formulate and develop a multitude of different cannabis products. We are armed with a unique perspective as we have built cannabis supply-chain businesses from the ground up and successfully overcome the numerous trials and tribulations associated with the cannabis industry.  With this unique experience and our extensive industry experience, we can provide you with a unique and comprehensive vision to take your cannabis business to the next level.

What is a cannabis facility audit?

Each city and state have very different regulations regarding  cannabis businesses that must be fully understood and followed. At times, city and/or state officials will conduct an audit of your business to ensure full compliance, best practices and regulations are all being met.

To avoid having your business shut down as a result of a failed audit, we recommend hiring a Cannabis Consultant who can help make sure your business is abiding by the local and state regulations.

Do I need to worry about compliance factors when I start a cannabis business?

Cannabis laws and regulations are some of the most complicated you will find out there. Even the most progressive states are still figuring out exactly how to enforce cannabis laws, and in many cases, what the practical application of some of the laws mean. The right consultant can give you the advice you need to understand the regulations for your city and state and can help guide you to full compliance. Whether it is cannabis licensing, intake procedures, waste disposal laws, or lab production paperwork, an experienced consultant can ensure your business is a success from the start by eliminating the risk of compliance failure.

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