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M Consulting Experts provides a wide array of consulting services for the cannabis industry, with a core focus on product development, licensing, compliance, manufacturing, distribution, retail and brand strategy, supply chain management, facility design and facility build-out.

Our background

Years of Hands-On Cannabis Industry Experience

M Consulting Experts was founded in 2020 by Michael Moussalli and Matteo Tabib, two successful cannabis entrepreneurs, business owners and operators. Michael and Matteo have been involved in the cannabis industry since 2015 and are founding partners in Se7enLeaf (www.se7enleaf.com), a contract manufacturing and distribution company located in Orange County, CA. Se7enLeaf has been operational since 2018 and holds two local permits, along with four state licenses, one of which includes a volatile manufacturing license, the most difficult license to obtain in California.

Armed with a unique perspective as both business owners and operators who have built cannabis supply-chain businesses from the ground up and successfully overcome the numerous trials and tribulations associated with facility licensing and buildout, Michael and Matteo possess a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively and efficiently guide other entrepreneurs through the process. M Consulting Experts focuses on streamlining processes for clients to help reduce overall costs and avoid many of the mistakes that are hard to foresee without experience.

M Consulting Experts provides a wide array of consulting services for the cannabis industry, with a core focus on product development, licensing, compliance, manufacturing, distribution, retail and brand strategy, supply chain management, facility design and facility build-out. Our Team not only possess an abundance of cannabis industry knowledge, but more importantly, we have the hands-on, real-time experience that is absolutely necessary when navigating the many facets of this very complicated and compliance focused industry.


Mr. Michael Moussalli

Michael graduated from UCLA in 2007 with a 4.0 GPA, a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Prior to his experience in the cannabis industry, Michael worked in the healthcare sector for over 10 years. Michael’s strong understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturer guidelines, quality assurance and quality control measures, supply chain management and supply-side economics, led him to begin building his first supply chain cannabis business in 2015.

In 2017, Michael co-founded Se7enLeaf with two partners Se7enLeaf is a white label manufacturer, co-packer and distributor located in Orange County, CA. Se7enLeaf was the first company in Orange County to receive dual licensure and Michael oversaw the company’s licensing process with the City of Costa Mesa and State of California, as well as the buildout of the company’s Non-Volatile Manufacturing facility, Volatile Manufacturing Facility and two Distribution facilities.

Michael was one of the first cannabis operators to openly work with local officials in Orange County to help educate members of City Staff, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Planning Departments and Building Departments about cannabis manufacturing and distribution processes, equipment and best business practices, so that better guidelines and regulations could be put forth to develop a robust cannabis business community in Orange County.

Michael has been deeply involved in the cannabis community over the several years and is part of a strong network of business professionals that seek to move the industry forward in a responsible and healthy direction. Michael currently sits on the California Cannabis Industry Association’s Manufacturing and Distribution committees, as well as on the Executive Board of the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. He is also the Chair of the Board of the Orange County Chapter of the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, an organization that helps educate consumers, operators and municipal officials about the benefits of being involved in the legal cannabis industry.

Most recently, Michael worked closely with key City Officials in Costa Mesa, CA to lead the charge to bring about a tax reduction from 6% to 1% for the wholesale cannabis businesses within the city. Additionally, Michael worked directly with the Costa Mesa City Council and Ad Hoc Cannabis Committee to help form a Retail Ballot Measure to allow for retail cannabis business activities in the City.

Michael’s comprehensive hands-on experience in the cannabis industry as both a business owner and business operator, paved the way for the start of his consulting journey in the cannabis space. In 2019, he took his first consulting job in the industry and, along with his business partner Matteo, decided to establish M Consulting Experts.

Since then, Michael and M Consulting Experts have advised and participated on several cannabis projects throughout the State of California and put their hands-on experience as owner-operators to work for the benefit of others.

Prior Speaking Engagements

  • 2018 InfoCast Canna Supply Chain MeetUp – Cannabis Panel
  • 2018 Direct Cannabis Network and Learn Event –Cannabis Licensure and Operation Panel
  • 2018 CannaWest Supply Chain Summit: Operator Experience and Track & Trace Integration
  • 2018 Planning Director’s Association of Orange County: Cannabis Operator Panel
  • 2019 GrassPosts Connect Series: The State of the Cannabis Market
  • 2020 CannaWest Summit: Manufacturing Panel 
  • 2020 Cannabis and Hemp Job Fair Expo – San Diego – Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Panel
  • 2020 UCSD School of Pharmacy – Guest Speaker- Cannabis Manufacturing in the Legal Market

Media/Press Engagements:

  • 2019 Cannabis Brightline Magazine – Interview with Michael Mousssalli of Se7enLeaf, December 2019 Publication
  • 2019 Hall of Flowers – Knowleaf Podcast Interview
  • 2020 – Platinum Vape Unfiltered Podcast Interview
  • 2020 – Wrazel Zoom Interview with the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce
  • 2021 CompanyWeek Contract Manufacturing Article Interview
  • 2021 Epoch Times Newspaper Article Interview


Mr. Matteo Tabib

At the early age eighteen, Matteo immigrated from Italy to the United States. He initially came to the US with dreams of pursuing a career in the aviation industry and become a commercial pilot. After earning his first few licenses, he decided to switch his interest towards the microelectronic industry and accepted a position at an international electronic components distribution company.

After only 4 years in various departments (logistics, purchasing and QC/QA), Matteo was appointed President of the US operation of his company. Matteo served as the President of the Operation for over 5 years and had many great achievements during his time serving as the President, which included successfully elevating the North American HQ from deficit figures into the second most profitable office out of the seven locations worldwide, as well as creating a QC lab for counterfeit mitigation and spearheading efforts to receive ISO 9001:2008 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification for the company.

During his tenure in the electronic components industry, Matteo also grew a strong interest in the cannabis industry, initially as a patient and then as an advocate and visionary.
Because of his deep understanding and experience in supply chain management, alongside his experience in setting up laboratories for QC/QA, Matteo quickly began studying manufacturing processes being used in the cannabis space. He immediately recognized a need for self-implementation and awareness of QC/QA protocols in the manufacturing/processing part of the of the cannabis space, in order to be able to achieve consistency and quality that is required to serve a large number of consumers.

In 2017, along with his business partner Michael, Matteo founded Se7enLeaf to help standardize the cannabis industry and apply his skill sets to help benefit of the medical cannabis community. Matteo oversees the manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and other ancillary operations at Se7enLeaf’s two facilities in Costa Mesa, CA.

Se7enLeaf was the first company in Orange County to receive dual licensure and Matteo played an integral part in developing the company’s current operational infrastructure. Matteo oversees day-to-day operations for both the manufacturing and distribution sides of the business and because of his deep understanding and previous experience in supply chain management, he has been able to implement a highly effective, efficient and consistent workflow model at Se7enLeaf that maintains full compliance with all regulatory bodies in the State of California.

Matteo currently sits on the California Cannabis Industry Association’s Manufacturing and Distribution committees and most recently helped co-authored a White Paper on the current Vape Crisis that was presented to State Officials. Matteo consistently engages with local and State officials on manufacturing protocols, distribution protocols and tax scenarios to advise on responsible pathways forward for the growing legal cannabis industry.

Much like Michael, Matteo’s experience building a cannabis business from the ground up in a new legal cannabis industry provided key, life-learning, hands-on knowledge that he decided to share with others who were trying to establish themselves in the California cannabis industry as well. In 2019, he and Michael took their first consulting job and established M Consulting Experts. Matteo’s detailed understanding of the operational side of the cannabis industry is a valuable asset that has helped others avoid many of the mistakes that newcomers to the legal cannabis market often make when going through the process to open a new business or brand.

Prior Speaking Engagements

  • 2020 CannaWest Summit: Manufacturing Operations Panel
  • 2020 – August – Platinum Vape Unfiltered Podcast Interview

Mission Statement

At M Consulting Experts, our mission is to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date knowledge about the cannabis industry and form a strong partnership with you to help make the dream of your cannabis business venture a reality. Our job as your trusted advisor is to ensure that we do everything possible to guide you towards success, utilizing our years of hands-on experience as both entrepreneurs and operators in the cannabis industry to navigate the complexity of regulations, avoid costly mistakes, and establish a viable pathway to meet your goals.

Core Values

No matter the size, scope or length of the job or project, M Consulting Experts prides itself on always abiding by its core values, which include:

Maintaining Compliance with all Local and State Regulations
Paying Attention to Details That Can Save Significant Time and Money
Establishing Timelines with the Goal of Always Beating Them
Combining Real-Life, Hand-On Cannabis Operating Experience with Professionalism and Entrepreneurship
Building a Strong Relationship of Trust and Partnership with our Clients.
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